Robot programming

Branik has continued to increase our programming capabilities. Our team members have industry experience with a varitety of systems automation. We not only program robots, but also full systems consisting of multiple manufacturers of Touchscreens and PLC's. Whether you need system upgrades to your current robots or full system design and integration, our team is up to the task









Robot in a mobile enclosure

Branik has developed a "Bot in a Box" that is mobile and can be programmed to interface with a variety of components with minimal retooling and programming. This also allows the customer to easiliy change the robots applied use quickly and easily. Applications are endless and are limited only to the customers vision. These system can be designed to fit through doorways and work in a variety of environments









End of Arm Tooling Design

Branik has extremely talented engineers with many years of experience in the Automation industry. We've designed end effectors for a vast array of industries interfacing with products ranging from extremely small inserts for plastic injection molds to automotive brake drums wieghing hundreds of pounds. Give us a call to have us start on a new innovated design for your company today








Fanuc, Denso retrofits

Tooling Design

Turn Key Systems